What is inside AWS’s new backup service?

Amazon’s cloud computing business division, Amazon Web Services, launched its backup service earlier this year. The service, which is called Backup, is said to simplify the backup process on AWS cloud computing platform. The tool supports both AWS services and on-premises apps.

Backup is now accessible to all developers, allowing them to set up backup policies for various services including Amazon EBS volumes, DynamoDB tablets, RDS databases, EFS file systems, and AWS Storage Gateway volumes. AWS announced that it will add more services to the list over time. For on-premises backup, developers can use the AWS Storage Gateway.

With Backup, users can define their own backup policies and retention periods. Accordingly, enterprises can move their backups to cold storage or completely delete them after a certain time. Otherwise, the data is stored in Amazon S3 buckets by default.

Backup also uses the snapshot features that most of the supported services (with the exception of EFS file systems) already provide. However, with Backup, users can define rules to automate the process Backup is available at the similar price range as those snapshot features. File system backup will be charged per GB. Users will also pay per-GB fees when restoring data from EFS file systems and DynamoDB backups.

For the time being, Backup is available to some selected AWS regions. The company will soon offer cross-region functionality in the coming time.

Cloud computing solution has become the first choice for many customers. Some users chose to add their own twist to the infrastructure and adjust the collection of AWS services to create the desired architecture of their own. Another part of users is fascinated with the variety and depth of AWS functionality. These users prefer a higher level of abstraction layer which enables them to build faster. They can even trade some of the service granularity to achieve that goal.

AWS Backup will empower the latter type of users in realizing their purpose. With Backup, those users can put their backups in one place, rather than save them across multiple individual services.

As the leading provider in the cloud computing market, AWS has never stopped to improve and expand its functionality in order to secure its position. The addition of a Backup tool to its ecosystem will give AWS more advantages in the competition.

Among the early users of AWS Backup are State Street Corporation, Smile Brands, and Rackspace. There is no doubt that the tool’s customer base will quickly expand as the tool makes it easier for IT admins to do their jobs. Nonetheless, AWS’s backup and storage partners may not be so happy with the business’ latest move.

At the moment, when AWS just got their feet wet in the industry of backup and storage, the established providers are still more advantageous because they offer more functions than AWS’s Backup tool, including services like cross-region and offsite backups. However, what the future holds is still a mystery.

Source: https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/16/aws-launches-backup-to-let-you-back-up-your-on-premises-and-aws-data-to-aws/

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