How can you increase customers’ big data adoption?

According to a new research published by Bi-Survey, more than half of the participants think that their organizations don’t have sufficient understanding of big data. One-fourth of those polled finds it challenging to make big data usable to their end users.

Nearly 40 percent of the respondents admit that they don’t have enough attractive cases of big data application.

As of today, big data and analytics have become an important part of the business world for more than half a decade. Therefore, the above numbers pose serious concerns. We have seen several amazing big data and analytics advances and impressive cases of big data application in the business world. Nonetheless, it is still a struggle for many companies to fully exploit the potential of big data.

Application stories of the financial sector using big data and analytics to identify frauds and to decide loan and credit type or the retail industry leveraging these tools to understand customers better are remarkable. However, things are not looking that good for vendors with big data and analytics tools.

They need to increase adoption among their customers. Despite the power of big data and analytics, many users are reluctant to use tools powered by these technologies for various reasons. It is a difficult task for companies to improve adoption, but it is possible. The followings are some suggestions.

Make them more usable

Businesses are trying to charm customers with their complex big data and analytics tools. Customers are overwhelmed with all the “best” options filled with dashboards and reports. To some extent, companies are overdoing, making the tools too complicated for average users to use. In many cases, users just want a more powerful but still easy to use solution that they can manage by themselves, without the support from IT professionals. Increase the usability for average users may be a good approach.

Make big data relevant to customers’ needs

Users buy or use a product or service because it is relevant to them and their needs. If big data and analytics tools can’t prove their ability to make a difference in customers’ businesses, they will never have a place in the organizations. As long as a big data solution can address important business issues, it will have a place in the market. So, let’s find out what customers need and make it happen for them then watch big data and analytics adoption soar.

Know what you are dealing with

The most important factor to increase the adoption of big data and analytics solution is to understand the market. You can’t create a product without knowing where it will be used, how it will be used and who will use it. Once you understand the business world and where big data and analytics fit in, you will be able to create the product that companies can’t say No to.

However, it is equally crucial to stop when necessary. Although big data and analytics are in high demand, not all projects can progress and succeed. If a project is heading nowhere, be brave to pull the plug on it and move on to another plan that may deliver. That is also a great winning strategy.


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