Combination of Big data and AI in New media era

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data are considered as trends in the great industrial revolution of the mankind, but combining and applying these two technologies effectively is still a problem in communication sector in Vietnam.

The communication sector is making great strives from the traditional information era to the digital era. The definition of the digital era is constantly changing over time since new technologies and user devices as well as interactive methods are being researched, developed and marketed. In which, Big Data and AI are becoming indispensable development trends in the digital era due to an important role in modernizing the information and communication process, creating new communication trends for electronic information products and applications.

Development of the “general information” trend. 

Nowadays, the development of mobiles devices as well as social networks is opening a new door for mass media applications, especially general information applications – that are increasingly attracting users because of convenience and a rich source of information. With just one movement, a series of information from top reputable newspapers will be displayed in seconds, it increases the opportunity to access diversified sources of information in the quickest way with more multi-dimensional views. As a result, the number of readers using general information applications is increasing, it sets out many opportunities as well as challenges for traditional media.

Roles of Big Data and AI in general electronic information application

Big Data supports electronic information applications in gathering, storing and controlling the huge information source without a data center. Besides, when being combined with other modern scientific and technical applications such as AI, Big Data is able to develop its potential, help analyze users’ behaviors and preferences more effectively and accurate based on the amount of information received from existing data.

AI is one of the key technologies in automating behaviors, thought, opinion and learning like people but it can handle data on a large scale with a more scientific and faster system than people. AI has great potential in handling and solving information problems in a very fast time.

Nowadays, AI is not only an abstract concept reserved for programmers, experts, or technology companies that it has become very close due to being applied in many fields of our lives. For example, Google Maps has researched and developed extremely complex algorithms based on Big Data and AI platforms to propose the shortest and most convenient routes for users. Spotify integrates these technologies on its music application to personalize the user’s music preferences and bring their personal experiences.

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